Friday, July 16, 2010

A Superior Fund Manager

Here's a photo of Krypto languishing on the couch, contented after making some more well-timed trades in her Krypto Fund. Yesterday she put in sell orders for some US, European and Emerging Market stocks. She had been wanting to do those trades for a few days, but I was being a bit too patient. So she growled at me yesterday AM after some poor manufacturing news data, and I complied at once.

Krypto likes being a couch potato. When not playing with her nephew, Sky, or herding sheep, or running agility trials, she just loves to spend all her time sleeping on the couch. [Those are dummy shells in the background near the fireplace - a 3" Naval training round and a dummy 90 mm recoiless rifle shell.]


Super-beefer piranha GS [Goldman Sachs] settles with the SEC, pays $500+ million. I hope the SEC keeps the investigation going at other firms. These sleazy deals must end.

GOOG misses earnings. They are spending a fortune on what ? Wasting it on fruitless efforts to enter new market. They've morphed in another MSFT.

Word of the Day

"Eponymous" - adjective [$10]
Eponymous means 1. of or relating to the person for whom something is named; 2. of or relating to one whose name is so prominently connected with something as to be a figurative designation for it.

Sentence: The eponymous Krypto Fund is outperforming many, many hedge funds year-to-date; the beefer managers are rather overpaid as Krypto provided superior performance for dog biscuits.


Frosty said...

Krypto life is good...good pic Bunky.

Bunkerman said...

thanks for that growl yesterday, Krypto. Good move.

Now we have plenty of cash to re-buy lower.

A chiasmus:

Sell high ... buy low; buy low ... sell high.

Frosty said...

beefer mudholer opx games indeed...Krypto dry powder ready to head the elephants off at the pass...good girl..."heres a box of milk boners"...chill those bunktins...cheers.