Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Ruling Class

The photo shows me in action with my M60 at the Green Mountain Boys Shooting Club. I'm mowing down the Ruling Class metaphorically, as the voters need to do this November in the elections.

Who are they in America ?

The Ruling Class in America is the hive of rich and /or powerful people who dominate Washington DC, the major state governments, major corporations, Wall Street banks and investment banks, the major law firms, their media propaganda machine and entrenched foundations. They deal in power. Money is their tool for gaining more power.

People in the ruling class mostly don't know anyone who could be called a common man or women. Their children intermarry. They don't know anyone personally who lives in hardship. They mostly don't know what is takes to start a business. They don't know the tax system in American and how oppressive it is. They've never done a tax return themselves. They go to black tie dinners and socialize with each other and talk with each other about what they want to do to us - the common man & woman.

They use their propaganda machine and innumerable rhetorical fallacies to dominate public discussions and mislead people and misdirect public debate. One almost never hears a direct truthful answer to a question from one of them. They excel in "operation change the subject" to obfuscate their true intent, viz., gain more power. The major media is their propaganda machine - it's a willing partner in maintaining dominance of the ruling class as the media IS part is that class and they want it to retain power.

Why was the $700 billion "stimulus" squandered ? Because the ruling class used the true need for real stimulus to divert all most all the money to their friends and favorites. Why was the health care bill over 2,000 pages ? Because the ruling class thrives in complexity and endless, obscure details to hide their power grabs and disposition of favors. Ditto for why the financial reform bill was over 2,000 pages. Yet that bill did not address the diversion of trillions of dollars of the common man in banks to fund Wall Street trading schemes. Why ? Because the ruling class wanted to protect their co-conspirators in the ruling class.

True reform will come only when outsiders gain power by elections. If honest people are elected in sufficient numbers, they can break the grip on power of the ruling class. The people need to speak this November and vote for honest people. The people must do this now, since the ruling class is planning huge new taxes that will fund a quantum leap in their power next year.

Welcome New Reader

I welcome Rush Limbaugh as a reader. Driving to an appointment yesterday I listened to him a bit for the first time in years (Mrs. B had tuned into his station to listen to another local talk show). And I heard him talk about the "Ruling Class". I had once listened to him a lot in the 1990s, and he never used that term. Where did he get it ? In this blog, of course. Welcome Rush (or your producers) !


Doing nothing. Krypto is waiting to sell at higher prices, perhaps closer to 1200 S&P. Or buy TIPs on a significant pullback.

Word of the Day

"Eschew" - verb [$10]
Eschew means to avoid habitualy especially on moral and practical grouns: shun.
Sentence: Voters must eschew any candidate tainted by any connection with the Ruling Class or any dishonesty.


Frosty said...

nice Bunky...smoke those dirty lil Japs...RUSH RUSH RUSH.

Frosty said...

what do you have on your dome in the picture??

Frosty said...

NEVERMIND...I see it's ear protection.

Bunkerman said...

no new post today - I think the photo of me in actions needs another day of exposure to the multitudes, as does the idea of the Ruling Class.

Spin-em said...

Turn outtt the liiights
the parrrrty...is Oo--vvver.
They say all good things
must come to an ennnd......
Call it to----night
The parrrty is Ovvver
And tomorrow starts
The same old thing again.......