Friday, June 3, 2011


I conclude that many Congressional Republicans have been drinking the Kool-Aid of the libertarians to fatal levels.  They seem blindly deluded by "rational markets" to think that a default on the debt obligations of the United States of America is a bargaining chip they can use with Obama, that somehow "markets" will think that it's better for the long term and so a short term default is better than raising the debt ceiling in a clean, simple manner.

They are fools.  A default of even one second would forever taint the credit of the United States.  By intentionally refusing to pay on a timely manner what one owes means that the nation's "full faith and credit" means less; such words would mean, when we can agree and the nation's honor becomes a political bargaining chip to be squandered.  How could future lenders to America ever trust the nation unconditionally again?  Obviously the mold would be forever broken.

Pass a clean, simple debt ceiling increase.

Fight the battles over the appropriations bills and cut spending there,  If necessary, shut down the government and stop paying its employees.  Take a pay cut yourselves.

Don't play political games with our nation's honor and credit.

Word of the Day

"Minatory" - adjective [$10]
Minatory means threatening, menacing.
Sentence:  The looming, minatory prospect of a US default will weigh heavily on stock markets until cleared.


Spin-em said...

If Bud were here.....he'd open up a can of whoopazz on the Bunker and turn a flaaaaaame thrower to this plaaace...he's been arounnnd.. ya

Spin-em said...

who said that last part Bunk??

mfl59 said...

Bunkerman is it true that you are endorsing Michelle Bachmann for President of this great land sir?

Bunkerman said...

yeah the jobs # sucked.

But QE2 has obviously worked at rates are low.

re "last part" - no idea, spin.

flame throwers are cool ... I've fired them :))

Bunkerman said...

Michelle Bachman ... heard of her ... gotta find out her thinking.

know nothing so far.

Spin-em said...

what?... you sleep in or did you cut the same deal with the grass guy as the snow guy?(Sunboy ducks his head and runs for cover)

Bunkerman said...

the grass guy charges me plenty; he does the flowers, weeding, mulch etc. too.

it's wierd about that snow plow guy' maybe he's in a divorce & wants to hide some money till it closes.

Bunkerman said...

running some errands this morning, and fixing others' mistakes grrr

Bunkerman said...

you still have me flummoxed, Sun Boy.

that sounds vaguely familiar but ...

Spin-em said...

Oh sorry....Scent of a Woman...Col Frank Slade(retired) movie

Spin-em said...

T2108 37.50