Thursday, June 2, 2011



None.  I checked with Krypto and she's still snoozing on the couch.  A further drop of the size of yesterday could trigger some buy signals.

Word of the Day

Compare today's Word of the Day to Tuesday's for the differences in meaning.

"Twitter" - verb and noun [$0]
Twitter means (verb) 1. (intransitive) a. (of a bird) emit a succession of light tremulous sounds; b. talk rapidly in an idle or trivial way; 2. (transitive) utter or express in this way; (noun) 1. the act or an instance of twittering; 2. (colloquial) a tremulously excited state.
Sentence:  From overheard conversations of teenagers in DC, they seem to twitter among each other mindlessly, bouncing from subject to subject.
Comparison:  Notice that wittering involves tediously talking about trivial subjects while twittering involves rapidly talking about same.


Spin-em said...

from the Wargames WOPR computer

SECURITY ALERT...SECURITY ALERT...Bud(man of color) inside 50 mile Bunker perimeter. rec Alert 1

Bunkerman said...

lol ... thanks for the reminder.


Bud said...

more very poor economic numbers today............yup..........QE2 workin .........great job dr bernanke

'keep firing Ben'

Bunkerman said...

hmmm more dirt coming out on GS ... no surprise to readers of this blog.


Bud said...

readers of this blog are well aware of your bias against's quite ridiculous..........and boring

'gutting their own beefer'