Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tidbit Tuesday

Social media =  hi tech ways to spy on you.

I admit being on Facebook, but when it comes to clicking that I like something other than a friend's post, forget about it.  Ditto with the site's games, etc.  Those implicitly give FB, etc. rights to spy on you.

I think all those have some value, but the hype is wayyyyyy over the top.

Word of the Day

"Douceur" - noun [$100] pronounced doo sur with 'doo' as in phoo-y.
Douceur means 1. a gratuity, tip; 2. a conciliatory gift or bribe.
Sentence:  Bunkerman was very generous with the douceurs in his hometown; after all, with prices so low for everything, why not spread some cash around?

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Spin-em said...

What ..Greeks dont own guns??? they aren't that angry r they?