Thursday, June 30, 2011


I forgot to post a word earlier.

Hmmm thinking that obeying the machine a few weeks ago (re the recent buys across the equity board), overriding my inclinations, worked .... again.  Good job, Krypto, here's a dog biscuit.

Word of the Day

"Phlegmatic" - adjective [$10] (pronounced 'fleg matil')
Phlegmatic means stolidly calm, unexcitable, unemotional.
Sentence:  Krypto's phlegmatic investing style - simply relying on signals from the machine - seems to work rather well.

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Bunkerman said...

Peter Peterson is on Blabberg ... bloviating about the deficit.

He's one of the billionaries who got the big tax break for his private equity fund. Sheesh.