Friday, July 1, 2011

TGIF, a Tidbit and a Word

Krypto's model shows no moves, yet.  On a further rally to new highs, the June buys from the machine would likely be taken off by the machine.  Obey the machine.

Word of the Day

"Prevaricate" - verb, intransitive [$10]
Prevaricate means 1. to speak or act evasively or misleadingly; 2. quibble, equivocate.
Sentence:  "Leaders" in the Dark City mostly either prevaricate or lie blatantly; the truth is a rare occurrence, especially when they say they are talking the truth.


Bunkerman said...

I wonder if the lnflation mongers who pointed to record corn prices have noticed recent action in the corn markets?


Spin-em said...


Happy 4th of July Bunkster!!

Bunkerman said...

Happy 4th to All.

Fly the flag!

Spin-em said...

..."to all"...loool