Thursday, July 7, 2011

Thursday Tidbits

And so it goes on ...

Head of Department of Justice Antitrust division goes the big name NYC law firm.  This exemplifies why government regulations mostly help the Ruling Classes:  those persons doing the regulating and enforcing want to collect on the big pay checks after leaving office.

Connecticut requires private employers to provide paid sick leave.  Wonderful:  another hidden tax on employers.  Is there any wonder why jobs are scare?

Your author has gotten very jaded.  The endless corruption - both explicit and implicit - in the Dark City and by the Ruling Class and the Media complicity in keeping it quiet are quite sickening.  The social compact between the plain people and the managerial and professional classes is broken.  For 40 years all the gains in productivity have been taken by the Ruling Classes on top and their enablers.  The plain people have gotten no income gains.

The connection between a "job" and social benefits needs to be broken.  America needs an political Alexander the Great to cut that Gordian Knot.  Don't "reform" that relationship, simply totally slice it.

A job should simply be a job - pay for work.

Social shared benefits should be simply provided at a reasonable level.  Face reality:  America is not going to let people die on the streets either from illness or from starvation.  America is a wealthy nation and should provide shared benefits on a universal, insurance style basis that exists from birth for all.

Pay for the shared benefits with a simple VAT or National Sales Tax.  That system makes imports pay a fair share.

Word of the Day

"Dolor" - noun [$10] literary
Dolor means sorrow, distress.
Sentence:  The plain people will continue to bear individual and collective dolor until a new social compact is created:  clean away the cluttered, current system and adopt free fraternalism.


Bunkerman said...

Blabberg puts on David Stockman to bloviate lies about the past and present. These news faces have no memory or knowledge to challenge it.

Sighhhh ...

Spin-em said...

nice buys on the cheap Bunk....tip of the cap to ya

Bunkerman said...

thanks. I was admittedly doubtful ... but obeyed the machine.

the experiment gave me another lesson in hubris: My doubts were wrong; Krypto was right.

Spin-em said...

T2108 76.61....up from low 25 in 9 far today..DIA,SPY tight ranger doji not over

Bud said...

what ?? i see no posts of buying...........Bman are you also a private email club member????

'krypto was right'

Bunkerman said...

oh Bud, those buys were a few weeks ago, and posted in the main blog.

Bunkerman said...

Bud, see June 13.

Spin-em said...

private member club like early 70's Oakland A's

mike in a timeout in his gold bunker

Lee chasin Jane around MAR room wearin nuttin but his lime shirt

D-bag Bob baggin groceries for the maan cuttin his grass on weekends

Spin.....alllll by myselffff


Spin-em said...

yeah yeah yeah "bob"..Vida Blue..bfd bub