Tuesday, July 19, 2011

TGIF, a Tidbit and a Word

Is the folly of the Republican tactics regarding the debt limit now apparent to all?

I'm sure we will soon heard about the need for "shared sacrifice".  Let's start by cutting the pay of Congress and ALL government employees making more than $100,000 by 20%, and requiring similar cuts by ALL government contractors.  That will make the hogs at the trough squeal.

Word of the Day

"Faience" - noun [$10] French faience from Faenza, a city in Italy (originally denoting the pottery made there)
Faience means decorated and glazed eathenware and porcelain, e. g. delft or majolica.
Sentence:  In the 17th century, Dutch manufacturers in Delft copied and undercut the prices of Japanese porcelain to create their "own" Delft-style of beautiful porcelain that now sometimes appears in museums and can still be purchased.  Perhaps that is an early example how trade and economic 'evolution' works.


Bud said...

goldman very poor earnings report ...........happy now Bman

'gutting their own beefer'

Spin-em said...

have fun Bunks

Bunkerman said...

GS 125 ... isn't that about what I said it was worth -> book value.

Ye shall reap what ye sow.

Having gutted their customers for years, GS now has poor prospects for making money. Who would trust them?

Frosty said...

Tax the merchants of death and distrution......booze smokes and lap dance merchants.....6500bps would be a goog start