Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wednesday Word

My sentence is a cop-out, I admit.

Word of the Day

"Majolica - noun [$100] also spelled "maiolica"
Majolica means 1. Italian earthenware covered with an opaque glaze of tin oxide and usually highly decorated; 2. any earthenware having an opaque glaze of tin oxide.
Sentence:  Specific examples of faience are delft and majolica.  I came across the term "majolica" by reading a book about art in renaissance Florence.


Frosty said...

Krypto is getting old.....the new pup have trading model yet? needs to be said....Mrs B U are the best!!!!!!

Bunkerman said...

We have respect for the old here, frosty - we don't toss them into the cold.