Tuesday, July 5, 2011

No Action

Krypto checked her model and finds no orders ... yet.

Word of the Day

"Glean" - verb, transitive [$10]
Glean means 1. collect or sample together (news, facts, gossip, etc.) in small quantities; 2. a. (also absol.) gather (ears of corn, etc.) after the harvest; b. strip a field after harvest.
Sentence:  Investors must glean useful facts from many news sources, and information about the levels of actions of others, in order to form a reasoned opinion about market valuations.


Bud said...

gold up 27...............yup...........greenback = toilet paper

' inflation mongers'

Bunkerman said...

in case anyone contemplates asking if I plan to buy a social media IPO, the answer is nfw.

Maybe they are good traders/flippers on one side or the other.