Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wednesday Word

The puppet show in the Dark City continues, showing all there is no honor or integrity in that swamp.

Word of the Day

"Lour" - verb & noun [$10] Used several times in the translation of Ovid's "Metamorphoses" (Blackstone Audio, Inc., translated by Frank Justus Miller); pronounced 'lou er' with that 'ou' as in 'house'.  Alternate spelling is 'lower', with that 'ow' as in 'how'.
Lour means (verb, intransitive) 1. frown, look sullen; 2. (of the sky) look dark & threatening; (noun) 1. a scowl; 2. a gloomy look (of the sky, etc.).
Sentence:  The budget talks have a lour outlook or seem to be a puppet show, depending on one's view of them as real or farcical.


Bud said...

Bman should the debt ceiling be raised 'clean' ? should taxes be raised ?

Bunkerman said...

Yes .. clean. The debt ceiling simply funds past expenditures already approved.

Fight the spending on the budget & shut the government down if necessary.

The debt ceiling is the wrong place for the battle - very poor ground.

To not raise it would violate the honor & integrity of the US government ... almost seditious.

Bunkerman said...

taxes should be reformed, not raised.

Bud said...

Ben talkin QE3................this guy is crazy..............disgusting

dollar tankaroooooooooooooo

Bud said...

Bman should dr bernanke be tried for treason ?? conspiracy to commit treason ??

Bunkerman said...

at this stage, QE3 seems irrelevant.

Rates are very low, but banks aren't lending and keep cridit tight for all but big companies.

Any QE3 will just go onto the banks excess reserves.

Bunkerman said...

rather than try Ben, I think any Congressman voting against raising the debt limit should be tried.

Bunkerman said...

FNMA and Freddie should loosen loan standards.

Spin-em said...

TAOM..."heckuva call jim"