Friday, July 8, 2011


Krypto is closer to doing some selling across the board, but not quite yet.  No reason to jump the gun on The Machine.

By the way, based on the FT article about hedge fund performance, she is kicking their butts ... again.  Man's Best Friend :)

Word of the Day

"Mucilage" - noun [$10]
Mucilage means 1. a gelatinous or viscous solution obtained from plant roots, seeds, etc. used in medicines and adhesives; 2. (N. Amer.) a solution of gum; 3. a viscous secretion, e. g. mucus.
Sentence:  Pioneers and early settlers in America used plants and roots to make medicines as mucilage or powders; a doctor in pioneer settlements often made and sold these medicines as part of his business.


Spin-em said...

When I order cheesecake, I don't expect to get mucilage!

Spin-em said...

Bogey....that jobs report was pure mucilage

Bunkerman said...


that jobs report was vomitous.

Bud said...

yup..........QE2 sure worked..................great job dr bernanke

'keep firing Ben '