Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Wrong Battle ... Wrong Weapon

The Republicans are fighting on poor ground with poor tactics.  They will lose badly and damage the nation.

At Gettysburg, Lee chose the wrong ground and the wrong weapon.  He had a delusional faith in the power of his men, and had little respect for the Yankee men.  Thus misguided, he chose to attack heavily defended positions uphill over poor ground on Day 2 at the Devil's Den and Little Round Top.  He lost.  On Day 3 he ordered Pickett's Charge, a perfectly idiotic attack over a mile over open ground uphill.  Even if the charge had broken the Federal lines, those men were unsupported and there was no follow-thru.  Lee's only hope was a panic by Federal troops.  That didn't happen and was delusional.

The Republicans have cast aside their honor and integrity to draft the bond and noteholders of American debt into their fight with Obama over spending.  Yet debt represents money lent to cover PAST spending, not future spending.  They risk the credit and honor of the United States of America for their "game".  Do they offer a shared sacrifice?

No.  Have they offered a 20% cut in Congressional pay?  No.  Have they offered a cut in pay and benefits for the bloated Federal workforce and the doubly bloated government contractors?  No.  Instead, they want the creditors of America to be their human shield.

What cowards!

Last month, Minnesota and the California Republicans showed the way.  Fight spending by shutting down the government - shut off the SPENDING.  In the Spring, instead, the Congressional Republicans past a stopgap budget.  This October 1, they could refuse to pass appropriations for real spending without a budget deal.  That would be using the right weapon in the right battle.  The Minnesota and California events proved those tactics are a winner.

The Congressional Republican leaders and their Tea Party fire-eaters are being fools, as was Lee at Gettysburg.  If they persist in this delusion of glory, they will cause immense damage to their cause.  Just like Lee did almost 150 years ago.

Go around to the right and fight on good ground.  Pass a debt limit increase and prepare to shut the Federal government down on October 1.  That's good ground and the public will support it this time.

Word of the Day

"Dudgeon" - noun [$10]
Dudgeon means a feeling of offense, resentment; 'in high dudgeon' means very angry or angrily.
Sentence:  America's creditors will permanently have much dudgeon if used as a human shield in an internal political fight.


Bud said...

US dollar at record low versus swiss franc.........yup......QE2 worked

'tired of answering the same old question'

Bud said...

Lee had no choice...............he was well aware that he was outnumbered and his troops were low on ammo and rations............he tried to break the back of the yankee facists

Spin-em said...

Whatever happened to passing gracefully?

try it "bob"...nobody will miss you

Bunkerman said...

lol spin

Bunkerman said...

Bud, rent the movie, Gettysburg, and watch it.

From many books I've read, it's rather accurate historically.

Lee's army could have eaten well for months off the PA farms, as Sherman proved in GA and Grant in MS during move on Vicksburg.

Bunkerman said...

lol "Yankee fascists".

Bud, read Frederick Douglass's book on his life as a slave.

Bud said...

Bman do you own any sub 5 dollar stocks ?? are you still philsophically against owning cheapies??

Spin-em said...

are you talkin about HEAT bud??

Spin-em said...

what have you learned from last years camping trip that you will or wont do this year?

Bunkerman said...

I don't own any sub $5 stocks.

I just don't want to trade them and watch them all the time. If a company interested me and had a stock under $5, I'd have no qualms about buying it for an investment.

Bunkerman said...

re camping, I have learned that the big duffle bag I took as a second carrying bag CAN be carried on the shoulders .. and I plan to do that for teh portages.

Also purchased a bit more gear (small table, better ground cloth, etc.)

Will be a LOT more wary of high wind.

Otherwise, I'm planning a repeat.

Food: hardtack, peanut butter & jelly; pemmican; fine GORP; MREs; cognac in two flasks; wine in the box.

Spin-em said...

Dont forget Buds Kirin Light


Frosty said...

Call the FBI Tough guy....I hear Mern is out to get you....LMAOOOO