Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Added some India

I bought some India stocks this morning around 10 AM. I want to get my India exposure up to 6.7% of the value of my core Krypto Fund assets (that excludes overweight plays like India, energy, miners, etc.) I was at 5.1% and am now at 6%. One more add & I'll be there. I was waiting for a pullback and the prices of many of the India plays are at last summer's lows, so I bought some here.


Bud said...

Very interesting article in Nytimes today on a possible recession looming in the US. That durable goods number yesterday was hideous. Do you have an opinion on steel stocks?

Bunkerman said...

I don't have any - I think China competition will hurt them eventually. I have the iron ore companies - CLF, BHP, RIO, RTP.