Friday, February 23, 2007

Don't be Too Quick to Buy this Dip

As indicated before, I think we could correct here. Don't buy this dip quickly - I'm not. I may even short futures on a rally for a trade. If so, I post my technique.

PS: guess I was too fast selling gold. Well, that's what the long term gold coins & silver bars are for. I just trade around that long position. I buy dips, sell rips; when I think they are topping, I short & cover. I try to trade long side below my idea of "fair" trend and short side when way over it.


mern said...

going through charts on a lovely sunday afternoon in crackerville. getting ready to head out to ybor city. there is a bar there where its bring your dog day, so we r obviously going.

i see if the CRB gets over 325 we start to hear chatter about a hike. a nice positive stochastic diverengnce there.

almost all charts look great at least the 500 i went through.

looks like INFY and SAY mite be in trouble. ALL looks bad

one i thought looked gud was RDCM but i dont have any



mern said...

XBD bad divg too