Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Market Re-re-re-update

Kryptonite sell program is over. All big caps gone. Still have the S&P futures short. Only stocks now are many energies, deep water drillers, a couple other oil service, miners like BHP, some other "alpha" stocks like YUM, AAPL, India stocks and a few gold stocks. These are long term holdings for me.

FWIW, this selling does does not apply to the Krypto Fund, my very long term holdings - only to trading stocks. I am completely out of short & intermediate term trading stocks. I have only my longer term holdings in a few "alpha stocks" & key overweights like energy, the miners and India.

I am also short the dollar, long deferred lean hogs & cattle, December oats & May barley. I am just posting this to give you an idea of what I'm doing.

Today was a very busy day as the CPI number & reaction changed my near term outlook. I hope to take 1/2 days off for the next couple weeks.


mern said...

i cant believe u sold, some. off the butta?

had nice slut on SLV yesterday, but i know that aint your thing.

getting out of the SLV was very hard and it was a big position.

is the AMEX dead yet?

mern said...

opps, wasnt a big trade.

u notice the put the call has been near 1 lately, yesterday over 1.

in my 14 yrs, ive never seen a market this extended and a put to call near 1.

h meisner pointed this out yesterday, and it was something, that before she mentioned, i just thought was wrong data from briefing.

Bunkerman said...

Yeah, I'm off butter after 7 months at 150-200% long. I've been waiting for news to sell & that CPI number stunk. So I think the risk to the dark side is a lot now. Unless we get good inflation news, I won't be buying dips. And I might even go to the dark side for trades in futures. I am suspicious of these rips in some commodities - seems like beefer panic.

I don't follow the put call anymore or almost any statistic anymore. I think all the computer trades & ETF trades, etc has made them less meaningful. How can a computer get overly optimistic?

mern said...

gud pt on the computer trading. these alogirythms (the beefers use) are a new variable to the game.

but some smart minds dont think beefers even exist