Thursday, February 1, 2007

Hedge Fund Addendum

If you want to invest in hedge funds - and David Swensen, the top money manager at Yale, said in his book that normal people don't have the access or resources to do it - find three small funds in areas you want exposure. There ARE lots of good hedge funds out there and good money managers running them. Check them out & give them a try. Be realistic - a short only fund won't beat the S&P in a bull market - that's not why you would invest in it. And don't bet the farm on them - keep it under 10% of your total investable assets until you get confidence & learn more.


Siva said...

Hi Kryto,

Si from the tank. I was pleasantly surprised to see you in the tank, but seems like it is only temporary. But, now that you have this place, i will drop by on a daily basis. Good luck with your writing.

Bunkerman said...

Hi Si, I sort of guessed "siva" was you. I hope you're doing well.