Saturday, February 3, 2007

Fried Eggs & Spam

Mmmmmmmm. I just had breakfast - I cook breakfast on the weekends. Fried Spam (the "lite" version lol), two eggs fried over medium in olive oil, a multi-grain bagel with pumpkin butter, three organic dried figs and black coffee. An excellent, very tasty breakfast it was. By the way, the eggs are high omega-3, laid by cage free, organically fed happy chickens. The woods are beautiful this morning with the frozen snow on the trees and the sunlight glittering through gaps in the canopy. The forest here has both conifers and deciduous hardwoods. I've imported a few unusual conifers, including a Giant Sequoia grown from a seedling that is now 30 feet tall.


Bud said...

Well, well, well....according to the landmark U.N. report released yesterday global warming is caused by man (90% certain). If nothing is done to change emission patterns in greenhouse gases , temperatures will rise, sea levels will also rise as the polar ice melts. So Bunkerman while you are enjoying the beautiful woods this morning , it is doubtful that the peoples living there in the future will unless we change our behaviour. Apparently the worlds scientists are in long before you come out of your 'hole of denial' ( a phrase i borrowed from congressman Ed Markey when he was talking about the Bush administration on this subject).

Bunkerman said...

Wow, bud, you need to be more skeptical of authority and what you are told by the press. The UN report you cite was written by UN bureaucrats months before the actual scientific report it is purported to be based on will be written. And I wonder how that number, "90% certain" was derived? Odd that looking at charts of the climate model predictions vs. the actual record show they stink. And I seem to be able to find plenty of scientists who disagree who also publish their data so I can look myself. Ed Markey, lolol, what a stooge - I'm still waiting for that cable bill reduction he promised years ago. The US weather model was predicting a warm early February a few weeks ago - not so accurate, only 20F off three weeks out. I'm glad I subscribe to private weather forecasts for my oil & natural gas trading.