Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Lincoln's Birthday

I celebrated Lincoln's birthday by attending a function of Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War ( see http://www.suvcw.org/ ). They had a fine speaker (Thomas J. Craughwell, author of "Stealing Lincoln's Body") & an Abraham Lincoln re-enactor who also gave a humorous speech. Too bad the current federal holiday is this amorphous "President's Day", as if all Presidents deserve celebration. We should return to the old holidays of Lincoln's Birthday and Washington's Birthday - they meant something and celebrated true giants of leadership.

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Bud said...

Well said Bunkerman. I agree it is demeaning to our great presidents to lump all of them together and make a 'one size fits all' holiday. We are asked to celebrate the undeniable and towering accomplishments of Jefferson, Lincoln, FDR, and Clinton with the failed presidencies of Nixon, Reagan and the Bushes. What a joke!