Friday, February 9, 2007

Where are the Viking SUVs?

I found a fine summary of some climate history of the past 5,000 years. See - it's written by a highly respected scientist. The archaeological and historical record for the past 5,000 years indicates the current climate warming is indistinguishable from natural cycles / trends returning climate to the condition the Earth has had numerous times in that period. For example, Viking records indicate Greenland ice was LESS circa 900 CE than now. Where are the finds of Viking SUVs if carbon dioxide & man are the only important variables? There are other examples on the link. So many contradictions to the "consensus view" exist. The "Blame Man" crowd is in the throes of a mass delusion, similar to medieval witch hysterias where witches were blamed for cold, stormy weather.

Addendum: here's another link to some fine information about this foolish anthropocentrism on the Earth's climate -


Bud said...

Bunkerman exactly how do you determine who is a 'highly respected' scientist. Oh i get it. You already have a position and any author that agrees with it gets your seal of approval. Meanwhile the UN report that has the work of dozens of......uh....'higly repected' scientists is immediately dismissed. Mass delusion? Well then Exxon executives must be delusional too now.

Bunkerman said...

Well, Bud, there are many "highly respected scientists" working on this subject. So one looks at the charts & results to see how their claims match up with data. And one uses logic to discern whose arguments are reasonable vs. whose are mostly hysteria & namecalling. Any good chart reader can see the claims that humans are causing global warming are just hype. Also, since the proponents seem to spend a lot of time calling opponents names & smearing them, I conclude they have a lot to hide. The recent UN report wasn't written by the scientists - they haven't finished their reports (see prior post). Regarding Exxon, I think my prior post how executives just want money & a cartel might apply. Hmmm, it's sort of humorous that you post a reference to "cattlenetwork" - a well-known politician was a cattle expert, too. Are you related? ;-))