Friday, February 2, 2007

Superbowl Shpooperbowl

OK, I'll watch - at least the first half. The second half is past my bedtime (8 PM EST - hey, I get up at 4 AM EST), so I'll skip it unless the game is exciting. A better game is RUGBY. [Stick with me, I get to the stocks angle.] I finally found a way to watch rugby games. One can get an "All Access" pass to the Rugby Channel on for around $99 for a year. So I did & downloaded some games. Being an American with no access to scores, etc., I have no idea who won these games - some happened six months ago. So they are great to watch. Lots of action - fine runs, kicks, scrums, mauls, rucks. No pads, no oxygen, very physical. I played "prop" in college and grad school many moons ago. The downloaded games are big files - 500 to 1,000 MB and took a long time to download. I have the highest speed the cable company offers - about 8 Mbps, but they took about 30-40 minutes each on Sunday. And the resolution of the files as played on Windows Media Player 11 made them only viewable at about 15" diagonal size. So I watch them on a computer monitor when the business news is boring or the market is quiet. This made me think about all the hype over downloading movies. That would be great, but unless one has Verizon FIOS at a very high speed, download times will too long for full screen high definition video. Technology or new products to make downloading high def video fast and getting it seamlessly to one's big screen TV is needed. We have to find the winners in that.

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