Monday, October 15, 2007

Monday Morning Rambles

Tribe and Red Sox split - series moves to Cleveland, that pearl on the lake ;-) I wonder if the Tribe is getting the bugs ready to swarm over the Red Sox relievers ? Go Tribe !!!

World Rugby Cup final will be England v. South Africa on Sunday. Rugby is the greatest sport in the world, no doubt.

Chinese Communist Party Congress is ongoing now. Those familiar words - Politburo, Central Committee - and all those military uniformed members - seen in the press. Hmmmm ?

Superfund for commercial paper conduits is being created - this sounds like a private sector solution to what the Bank of England did for Northern Rock. It won't buy subprime. This sounds OK to me - those assets are good and can roll off with little or no losses. After that, we'll see it the SIVs can continue to exist. Hmmm is this sign of the "End of the End" ? Maybe, but recognition of subprime loan and home asset solutions are still being worked out.

Gold is up strongly this morning.

Earnings season hits full speed this week.

The charts look fine across the board. Ignore beefer ping pong games it you're a long term investor. Wait for real news that can influence the real buyers and sellers, and that has meaning for the world economic trend.

It's a bull market. Buy dips on good stocks and strong groups. Hold until something real changes.

PS: Another doomster on Babblevision. What a dope! These guys seem to know nothing about the world markets or demographics.

PPS: I heard Trichet, the ECB central banker, speak about the Euro-Chinese yuan level today. He seemed to think it was more significant than the Euro-Dollar level. European exports must be getting really hurt as the dollar falls, dragging the yuan down, too.

P^3S: Hmmm ... it looks like the bears are using this financial superfund news to hit the big cap fins. I'll be patient, but I might use this weakness in a few days to top off my position in them.


Spin-em said...





Go Tribe

BREAKOUT THE BUGS!!!!!!.....lmaoooo

mfl59 said...

EDU well done spinny and bunkerman

Bunkerman said...

yes EDU is a good one. That made so much sense as a business.

I'm going to take Sky & Krypt to sheep herding class and will return later in the PM. The instructors say they have much talent and the dogs really enjoy it.

Frosty said...

Bunkerman...the bulls starting to cry for the rate cut already...can't have the tape up for ben, must paint the pain of the common man...what a joke.

Hope your having fun with the dogs, but you should contain those activities to the week have a job to do here :)

Frosty said...

EDU...was great, but what have you and spinny done for us since then.

Frosty said...

Bunkerman....the market should be loving the on going bail out of the liars and cheaters....there is no risk, no downside...BAC has a spinny gappa 50.66, that corresponds to the 50 day, ppfftt,

Bunkerman said...

Back. Sky say's, "those sheep are mine" - wow he's good.

Thank's frosty for that buy point for BAC.

Uh, bailout? It sounds like BAC adn JPM are getting paid for no risk backups. C is just backing itself. No Treasury $$$ = no bailout. These bears sure can distort to fool the common man into selling out so they can cover their shorts.

Defintely gonna get my last slug of these banks this week.

Bunkerman said...

got some C. That's it for that position.

Bunkerman said...

I suspect I'll be punished, but I topped off all those big cap fins. Full positions now.

Bunkerman said...

added to BNI, too.

Frosty said...

no naked shorting...we need more's just not fair.

Bunkerman said...

right frosty. You're getting it ;-)

we need the uptick rule for stocks and ETFs, and to get rid of naked shorts and get rid of Street prop. funds.

Then get rid of 3/4 of the beefers. They should dislose net postions every week including derivatives.

we need a 21st century Teddy Roosevelt to crush the money trusts !!!

Bunkerman said...

beefers must be getting frantic to make their numbers this year. Lots of stomping at the water hole lately.

Frosty said...

stomping should be outlawed.