Thursday, December 20, 2007


I'm starting slow this morning as I recevied a furniture delivery at 5AM.

ORCL had good numbers ... uh .... where is the recession ? Where are the cap ex. cutbacks ?

Friday is a triple witching day, so will likely be wild being a slow, pre-holiday trading day, too.

Hmmm ... this blog appears to be quite influential as Guiliani has fallen and Romney is now tied for the lead. McCain is now 3rd. So my preliminary endorsement really moved the polls ;-)

Obama runs better against some R's than Hillary. Makes sense ... why vote for a known liar and thief ?

The Fed does another TAFfy today ... results Friday.

Barron's Online is pumping NE: it's a 1/2 deep water driller, 1/2 shallow water that is trading in 8x 2008 eps. I own it in the Alpha Fund.


Bud said...

where is the recession? have you seen the charts of the casual diners? DRI PNRA PFCB CAKE BWLD PZZA etc.....all at lows. oh wait. only the wealthy and powerful must eat there

'rich man's panic'

ps......meanwhile MCD close to go to mcdonalds when you are makin big bux

Bunkerman said...

uh ... I'm "rich" and love eating at McD ... looking forward to the double QPwC on my drive to Ohio on Sunday.

Bunkerman said...

I think gasoline prices hurt casual dining as one can spend the cost of a meal driving there.

Also they have a lot of exposure in Geezerdom aka Florida which had a huge real estate speculative bubble.

Frosty said...

Bunkerman...have you had time to evaluate these fed actions?

Bunkerman said...

I thought the first TAFfy was positive, indicating no desperation, but some need. Sort of Goldilocks.

Also indicating the discount rate is the problem re creidt crunch. Of course the ECB has shamed the FED enormously.

Bunkerman said...

The first TAFfy proves the Fed should have cut the discount as ... uh ... I said, at least 50 bps - 75 preferably

Frosty said... the MS report out today...if they fail WM CFC are gonnzo...BAC won't see the 40 handle again until 2010...perhaps the worry of the day, but I found it rathter shocking...but what do I know...I didn't attend Iowa State.

Bunkerman said...

seems like broker analysts are trying to outdo each other in being negative. Uh ... where were most of them 1 year ago ?

Bunkerman said...

At soem point all these claims of "losses" in the "market" have to tie into actual losses on an actual loan. That the flaw in all these analyses. They just don't tally them out.

Bunkerman said...

btw, the bond insurers insure "real" losses caused by defaults on the underlying loans, not "market" panic selling losses.