Friday, December 28, 2007

Whither Gold ?

I see gold is around to old all-time high. The actual all-time high is hard to determine as gold was ultra-volatile back then and intraday swings were huge. I guess the Bhutto news in Pakistan caused this rip. But gold was basing around $800 anyway and physical demand is strong this time of year. I wonder if we see Gold $1000 helmets before Dow 15,000. Both are within 10-15% so a solid bull move will do it.

I'm very long gold and silver as you know - both over 10% in the Krypto Fund. I'm doing nothing now, just sitting.

Still dealing with the water disaster at Mom's house. This will take weeks :-((


Frosty said...

Bunkerman..hand in there bro...sounds like a mess...MLF has the gold corner, dow 15k may just have to wait out 1k gold, sad indeed.

Frosty said...

Bunkerman...buffet to compete with PMI ABK, how about that...what you think?

mern said...

sorry to hear that K man! well im out of the boiler room, and i cant explain what a fucked up shop that place is. they have more rules at the bucket shop than any firm on wall street, but just try to enforce the firms WSP's.

turns out there 2 WSP (written supervisory procedures). 1 coded for most of the pikers, and then a 2 code for the producers. the producers can break whatever rules they want, until 250 million comes up missing, then they look for a scapegoat, slice thier 24 into swiss cheese and then flush you down the toilet.

well i worked there for almost 6 months before resigning. that was a lot more time than most of you gave me.

now maybe we can get back to debating the BLS and the CPI, and the #'s are made up out of thin air.

5.25 for a gallon of milk, eggs 2.50 dozen, 14 inch pie 11.99, 10 wings 9 bucks, etc etc etc.

crackerville is in a full out DEPRESSION. i live here, i see it and breathe it. cars and boats for sale on every street corner. for sale signs next to every other home.

at least they gave us relief on homeowners. so it goes 1500 in 2004, 3200 in 05, tried for 8k in 06 and i passed, in 07 back to 4k, and for 08 1750. where are all the politicians calling for winding fall property insurers. oil companys are just dealing with supply and demand, but everyone screams at thier profits, which makes no sense to me. but the insurers, they just raped a lot people.

hope everyone had a fine festivus!

Frosty said...

mern in the house...I told you that you would be back...welcome home :)

maverick said...

welcome back mern....some were missing you in the tank today....they long for more dogshop stories

Bunkerman said...

Buffet is smart and knows insurance - he's taking advantage of the weakness and stupidity of MBIA, etc. Don't see a stock play, though. That's a long term story and long term shorts are hard to play as too much other noise makes them dangerous.

Bunkerman said...

uh mern, price are low in SE Ohio. No inflation ... no sun or sea, either. Stuff is almost free here. Just got nice slacks at WMT (made in Mexico) for $16.

McD is cheap, too. A friend got me a $25 gift card at McD and I can eat a couple days on it feeding one dog, too.

I rented a car cheap, too. And the motel that takes dogs is $50 a night plus breakfast.

No inflation at the Chinese restaurant, either. Land is OK< too - I checked out a nice place in the country.

You Floridians live in bubble I guess ... too many geezers and 2nd home types driving prices up.

Golly ... I had breakfast today at teh supermarket restaurant - 3 eggs, 2 patties sausage, whole wheat toast for $3.99. Coffee was a buck, I think - no limit refills.

I'll have to check milk prices. I think 14" pizzaa with six toppings is about $12 at the best place open now.