Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Alpha Fund changes

I added some GOOG and some CSCO to my Alpha Fund, and some ORCL, too. Btw, I bought the ORCL when it hit and bounced on the 9 bar MA on the five minute chart. That's a place I like to buy after a strong open on good news. GOOG and CSCO look like divergences to me vs. their stochastics, viz., the stock hit a swing low but the stochastics did not. I have room to add more later, either higher or lower. I also like the fundie stories on all three and the PE vs. growth rates.

PS: Out of cocoa now. I'm pretty sure I posted that long awhile ago. I have a rule to get out when a story gets onto CNBC more than once. I've heard that story three times today. Sayonnara for now. Might re-buy later.

PPS: Another trading observation is that obvious stops levels are likely to be run by locals/beefers. So if I like a commodity/stock for fundie reasons, I like to buy when those stops get run. Then I get a good entry that is more likely to keep me in IF I'm right on the fundies. Today I'm watching Lean Hogs- December. I figure for several reasons there will be a hog shortage late this year. LHZ07 looks like 66 is a logical place for stops. I'm going to re-buy that position on a break of 66.


mern said...

ive got my list and im checking it twice. short financials, long techs, depending on what they say. but still feels like no matter what they say, we probably rinse and then go out very strong

wow,i guess the shorts r getting nervous

mern said...

i put two markers out COF and GS very small. my sense is we rinse then go. but if the fed doesnt mention subprime its just a splat.

i look the GOOG too, plus YHOO is they take em up

mern said...

no rinse straight, im putting them out, that was hawkish

guess we rip

mern said...

they took out they mite firm, fed funds futs ripped and so did stocks.

wrong again doh