Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Bought some S&P

I bought some S&P futures around 3:40 PM EST - I didn't see a lot of downward pressure around 3:20-3:40 when market on close orders are disclosed. I am thinking short term selling pressure is drying up. Pray for me. ;-)

By the way, this will negate the IBD "Day 1" setup. We start over.


mern said...

well that was fun. wud have been a helluva lot more fun had not IB shorting platforming splatting from noon till 1pm. i put in for 500 GS at 205ish and got none. thought that was wierd. so then i went after 1k COF, none. then 1k FNM, nothing. so i called. i tried a hundred NVDA qcom and Q's nothing. after being on hold for about 15 minutes, they tell they damn shorting platform is down, sorry.

not even a free trade offered.

where do i go? terranova or back to eturd?

Bud said...

That's outrageous and unacceptable mern. You have to find another place to trade.

Bud said...

This market looks very very shaky to me. I'm 'all in' short. Subprime carnage spreading like wildfire.

Bunkerman said...

Put some money in a futures account in mostly T-bills. You can always short futures in any market. The margin requirements are small compared to stocks.