Friday, March 16, 2007


We still are probably "no man's land" on the index charts, between the 50 dma and the 200 dma (btw, "dma" = day moving average - simple average). With a good CPI number this AM (viz., a decline in the year over year core CPI), maybe the approximate 38% retracement will be the extent of the correction.

I deployed some fresh cash in the Krypto Fund per prior post and my Alpha Fund has full allocations, but no margin. When I think we've made a base and an uptrend is imminent, I'll start to go on margin. And IIIFFF a new trend gets established, I'll go to 200% long in the Alpha Fund by buying dips.

Until those events occur, I'll wait. With a so-so or poor CPI number today, it might be a good time to take time off & do my taxes (arghhhhhhhhhhh).

PS: we got a blah number - neutral. the stock market will probably chop awhile, forming bases. Time to start preparing buy lists & watch for news.


Bud said...

CPI seems to be ok. I think the rate cut talk gonna really heat up.

Bunkerman said...

It seemed "blah" to me. The year over year core CPI was 2.7%. I don't see how the Fed can cut until real economic weakness hits, aka unemployment, etc. beyond the housing sector.

mern said...

the fed is gonna be hawkish next week

mern said...

USNA dirt nap np, im out for now

mern said...

the old FXY was a gud tell that open rally was bs