Friday, March 16, 2007

Plame Nonsense

This Plame business is such nonsense. She hints she was in a sensitive area, yet used her position to get her husband a high profile public assignment. Then he goes public massively, attacking Lyndon. Anyone who knows anything about covet operations knows that her own actions brought about the risk of disclosure, since the press would have certainly investigated Wilson then. Then we find out that her "cover" was no secret anyway, that all sorts of press & others knew she worked for the CIA long before Novak wrote the article. Certainly any enemy intelligence knew she worked for the CIA. And we now know she was not a "covert" operative anyway. It's pretty obvious this was a political set-up by hubby and her to get attention and notoriety and hurt Lyndon.

I don't really care about Libby since I understand he helped Marc Rich get a pardon from Clinton. But this pompous talk by Plame & Wilson is so much crap.


mern said...

its phil lesh's bd, think he hit 65 today or 66.

in other news, roger watters tixs go on sale tom.

125 bucks for gud seats.

but there is no inflation


Bunkerman said...

There's lots of inflation for anything involving people. Without cheap goods from Cina, inflation would probably be over 10%.

Looks like the Street & beefers worked their quad witch scam again at the open. Re-balancing & option expiration rip-offs at the close. They are such parasites.

mern said...


Bud said...

Nonsense? Gimme a break. Our disgraceful president and absolutely despicable vice president are responsible for the deaths of 3000 plus GI's ( and 20k plus injured). They lied and misled the American people about the war in Iraq....and anyone who dared to challenge them was fair game for their dirty tricks. Don Imus calls Cheney a war criminal everyday ( for a couple years) on his radio show and has been calling for his execution ( also calling for the president's impeachment). Now as we are learning about how our injured soldiers are treated at Walter Reed it is become apparent ( to everyone else - i already knew ) that Bush and Cheney don't care about our servicemen. What a bunch of garbage when the president praises our men and women in uniform. He doesn't care about them (and he never has)!! That coward Dick Cheney is no question the most disgusting and horrendous individual to ever hold the office of vice president.

P.S. Dana Priest of the Washington Post has done more for our injured servicemen returning from Iraq than the Bush administraion or the congressional GOP since the war began. Her brilliant reporting on how they were treated (horrendously) at Walter Reed was eye opening and tragic. It made me sad and very very angry. These young men and women are our national treasure and they were treated like trash when they came back. By the way , how come the Army Times was not on top of this. I know why...the Army Times is a mouthpiece for the military brass (leadership) and they will never criticize those at the top. Their motto is ...Sir ! Yes Sir !!! That is why we need newspapers like the Washington Post and the New York Times.

Bunkerman said...

I don't really see what the Plame bs has to do with the Walter Reed scandal.

There's no doubt that Bush, Cheney & Rumsfeld completely blew this war, just like the first LBJ blew Vietnam.. Too much focus on technology and not much on the GIs.

I don't think it's fair to chastise Army Times for missing that - it was a DC story. Investigative journalism there is not really their strong suit. They do a lot of good for the GI below officer grade. For example, they helped blow the stories about the financial parasites riping off GIs. And they had coverage of the armor problem pretty early. We have a multitude of press for that reason - hopefully one will find out most everything important. No one press source can get them all.

For example, I'll be posting soon about Soldier of Fortune magazine, who really provide unique coverage of ground level action & examples of incompetency in leadership.