Wednesday, March 21, 2007

David Stockman to be Indicted

Well, I guess a tiger doesn't change its stripes. I just heard on Bubblevision that David Stockman, who betrayed Ronald Reagan and then went to the Street and then to a private equity firm, is about to be indicted for participating in fraudulent accounting in Collins & Aikman, now in bankruptcy. That figures. Truth and fidelity were unknown to him.


mern said...

this is classic

VATICAN CITY -- Don King got a front row seat at Pope Benedict XVI's general audience Wednesday.

The usually flamboyant boxing promoter, wearing a blue suit with his preferred high hair style primly flattened for the papal event, gave the pope a green-and-gold boxing belt and a handwritten letter asking for prayers for people ranging from President Bush to the world's sick and aged.

a convicted murderer. clearly a fraudlent scum bag, that just never got caught stealing from tyson and others becuase they were too dumb to know better.

but pay enuff money and the pope will see u.


mern said...

gore is even more funny. ive done some homework, but frankly from what i can tell. if green house gasses r warming the planet, its not coming from factories. well a bit, but much more comes from, cough, farm animals. probably humans too.

maybe if gore promoted americans stop eating red meat, and the rest of the world followed, we wud be ok.

cows along r just amazing. i have first hand experience here. in 1992 went to a dead show outside pittsburgh. after the show, we somehow ended up on some guys farm. he was letting heads camp out on his farm free and even cooked us breakfast, for like over 100 people.

around dawn i finally fell asleep, and 2 hours later i got awoken by what felt like rains drops hitting my face.

Nope. a cow was making his morning glory a few feet from me, and i was getting hit with some spray.

if i wasnt still going from the nite before i probably wud have been mad. but since i was still in the grove just said to myself "dead show experience, enjoy it while u can" lol

killing time to 230ish

becker is on at noon, i like that show