Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Amazing Stuff

I was watching a show about the US Olympics training center & saw some relatively small women lifting huge weights. Amazing what the human body can do! I remember from my weightlifting days doing some pretty heavy lifts, and then seeing a 120 lb. lady (good looking, too) lift more. That was remarkable. Today they can lift even more.


mern said...

they r all on steroids!

i like how not only barry bonds head has gotten bigger in his mid 30's but his feet r like 2 sizes bigger too.

he has no shame. he has no business passing aaron, and if i were selig i suspend him indefinetly till his court thingy is done.

im with jim rome. lets let the juice be legal, bring in the fences another 25 feet and see who can hit 100 bombs first, in a season. lol

mern said...

haines snowboarding, thats funny. hes old and fat. i tried it for 3 days and got so banged up, went back to skiing.

im one of the few people thats tried both and prefers to ski. u cant stop on a board though unless u wanna sit down. and everytime u fall, u kill your wrists and waist.

id rather ski, about 45 mph, with reckless abandon and stop on dime whenever i want

Bud said...

Uh Mern...........every athlete ( at the pro level) in every sport takes steroids (or some chemical enhancement)....not sure why this is news to you. And you always pick on Bonds.....sounds racist to me.

Bunkerman said...

No mern, the tests for that stuff for the Olympics are way too sensitive. They haven't used those in weightlifting for many years.

Skiing = going down the hill fast in the cold. Doesn't sounds like fun to me. ;-)

mern said...

yes bud i like ive said, they r all on roids. olympic atheletes since the 30's, imo. pro sports, started with the steelers in mid 70's. got into baseball with philies, mid to late 70's ( i have first hand knowledge, via the tugger (god rest his soul).

even in the olympics, the drug desingers r one step ahead of the testers always.

i always anyone does anything over the top, in sports, is juice related till proven otherwise

mern said...

i rip on bonds so much becuase, look at him.

if he was white or purple, id think the samething.

he shudnt be allowed to play!!!