Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Bubblevision Babble

Bubblevision just put on an analyst regarding oil. A couple months ago when oil was trending down, he said that oil was broken & going to $30 or so. Hmmm. Sounds like a "guru" to me.
For a guru, past performance is irrelevant. Sheesh.


mern said...

text book headfake breakdown

its probably too easy but everyone on the mom will usher in double bottom if we close anywhere near here

Bunkerman said...

The "bottoms" are way too close for a legit double bottom. It wasn't even a successful test since we broke below the prior low.

That was just beefers running stops like I mentioned earlier.

mern said...

man cramer is white white hot.said load up when we down 100

Bud said...

Bubblevision used to bring up past performance before a guest interview....but hardly do it anymore. I think that is a disservice to their viewers. Apparently the guests won't show up if they challenge them on their past calls. But why invite someone with a poor track record?