Monday, March 5, 2007

Where to Buy?

When being patient waiting for a turn, it helps me to figure out logical buy points. From the cash S&P 500 index, I see the recent bull move was from 1224 to about 1460, a 236 point move. So I computed the Fibonacci retracement levels. The 38% retracement is around 1370, which is the low of Thursday. We'll probably open below that today - any support there intraday would be interesting as would be a close today at or over that level.

The 50% retracement level is around 1342, which [coincidentally??] is around the 200 DMA. That is a logical buy point, too.

The 62% retracement level is down at 1314, which is [coincidentally??] right at the magical 10% correction the seers on Bubblevision like to talk about.

Those are the levels I'm watching. The "real" news flow might help us select which would be a good spot. I expect to average into stocks at those levels unless something changes.

PS: [posted at about 10AM EST] I bought the last slug of India stocks at about 9:35 AM to get my India long term investments up to 6.7% of the value of the Krypto Fund (India specific investment is NOT included in the Krypto Fund amount).

PPS: the times the blog site gives for my posts seem to be PST - I suppose because Google is in California

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