Monday, March 5, 2007

Grabbing the Barf Bag

I'm grabbing the barf bag as I listen to more gurus talk about the "market repricing risk". What nonsense! Whatever happened to fear & greed? Bubblevision blabbermouths talk about the god-like traders reevaluating a concept of "risk" - barfaroo. What we are seeing is a bunch of beefers panicking and the Street giving them margin calls to protect their own butts.

When they put on a guru who was long and sold at the top for a real reason, I'll listen. Otherwise all this technical talk & VIX garbage, etc. is just babble for the boobs.

PS: Bubblevision just put on a guru who "called" the decline [they're calling it "collapse" now]. Of course, he missed the entire bull move & is just a perma-bear. Sheesh.

PPS: On the other hand, unless the bullish gurus sold some before the drop, where are they going to get the $$$ to buy?


Bud said...

I'm getting worried about your health Bunkerman. You seem to be puking alot lately .....perhaps you need a visit to the doctor or maybe cut down your viewing of bubblevision.
Anyway another ugly nasty close ( for the longs) today. I find no stocks I want to own right now so I'm sticking short. Lots of data this week leading up to Friday's employment report. I'm looking for rallies to get better prices on shorts. We should get a powerful explosive 1-2 day rally to suck in the 'all clear' and 'sky is blue' herd.

Bunkerman said...

lol Bud.

Maybe a rally today based on the early futures. The bears must be salivating to hit this bounce.

We never got to my buy points, so I agree and am waiting for at least the 38% retracement level, around 1370 S&P cash to buy anything except the select long-term dip buys I mentioned already.

I had Bubblevision on mute a lot yesterday & had Bloomberg on a good bit, too. But Bubblevision has, uh, certain attractions so I still turn it on in the morning.

mern said...

cnbc was really bad yesterday, been keeping the vol up more than usual becuase of the volatility. yesterday they went over that million bucks, like it was a lot of money? plus they want everyone to think they can win, LOL.

i entered, and put the mil into vix calls ;-)

sure have been sleeping better since i turned into a pure day trader. funny, elmer never wud have said there was a chance of a recession when he ran the show, but hes just a regular citizen. personally i dont think hes the reason for the sell off, but thats all the people at my local water hole think.

roger watter tickers go on sale this or next weekend, bud. 2 florida. 1 near u, 1 near me. then 3 more up north and thats it. ive looked into what he will likely be doing. 1st set im predicting his opera which was released recently on cd. 2nd set dark side of the moon, first start to finish. that sounds mighty tasty

Bud said...

One of the great underrated albums of all times is Pink Floyd's debut album ( and their best)...Piper at the gates of dawn. Wish you were here and Animals tied for second. I doubt Waters will do any of that stuff, nonetheless that will be a great show.

Bunkerman said...

Hmmm. I have a copy of the first PInk Floyd album in the original vinyl LP. That must date me. I agree, that is fine album. I also saw a concert of theirs in Boston in 1972. Very good, at least the parts I can remember. hehe :-))

mern said...

may 1988, pink floyd, the vet, philly. first time trying that LSD thing. definitely in the top 25 funnest days of my life.

personally i just love "the wall" "animals" "meddle" (echoes whole second side)

when sid barrett was the leader, the music was much different. man that guy is/was a total freak. as watters watched barrett shit the bed, he wrote 3 albums about it. "wish u were here" dark side and the wall.

even the opera watters just wrote is interesting to me