Friday, March 16, 2007

Private Property in Red China

The new law "protecting" private property in Red China might be a significant development. Or it might not be. Time will tell. I understand that it still leaves legal ownership of land with the government. I'll have to read up on the lease rights that it conveys.

Fundamental philosophical change can take a generation and another generation to become solidly entrenched. [btw, a generation is about 20-25 years] The principal problem with completely relying on this "law" is that Red China is still a military dictatorship at its core. The Central Military Commission still has absolute power. Until a system of checks & balances develops, one must be wary.

But the trend is good, no doubt.


mern said...

great article on my boy, bobby wier, from the festival express.

mad magazine, lol. i really believe south park does the best job of tackling the earths most complicated quagmires, with humor and common sense.

the only problem for honorable people like u, bunkerman, is, the potty humor.

if the market splats after the open, then bud, imho, wud have to agree with your beefer thesis.

i see greenspan learned how to speak english since leaving the govt. ROFL

mern said...

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Bunkerman said...

uh, mern, I love a good scatalogical joke. :-)

mern said...

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Bunkerman said...

I'm going to have to check this show out. I'll Tivo a few episodes. :-)

mern said...

beefers get us to 1400 and then we die? that is too easy right?

Bud said...

I agree this is a great step forward. However I wonder if the motivation for it is to protect the ill-gotten gains from corruption. The fact that the communist party did this without any news media discussion sounds fishy. In any event Mao's China is dying and the booming Chinese middle class is a threat to the old-line communists in the party. Interesting article in the Nytimes on this today.

Bud said...

Uh mern......I'm not sure Bunkerman even knows what Ratdog is. He probably thinks it's the offspring of a wolf and a squirrel in his woods.

Bunkerman said...

You could be right, Bud. I hope they are as zealous in protecting the poor farmer's land as the wealth person's condo. Many farmers' land has been taken there in the past few years for "redevelopment".

Unfortunately, it was similar to the Gang of Five on the US Supreme Court permitting the taking of homes in the US. :-(

Bunkerman said...

"ratdog" hmmmm - is that a "rat terrier" ?

We just rescued one. Her name is "Ava" and she's working out very well. ;-)