Thursday, March 15, 2007

Mad Magazine

I admit it - I subscribe to Mad Magazine at age 52. It's great fun. I get cheap laughs and some exposure to popular culture. Uh, it requires reading, so I suppose the circulation is dropping ;-)

It's a little different than when I read it at age 12 (or less). The magazine is in color now & has some ads (well-disguised and they fit the style well).

This month's cover had Alfred E. Newman picking his nose with two middle fingers and some guy named Dane Cook flipping the reader off with two middle fingers. That must be some TV show thing.

Anyway, they still have Spy vs. Spy and the Mad Look at ______. This month's was a Mad Look at Insects. One panel that really made me "lol" has a guy in a control room in a uniform seeing a fly buzz around. He watches it & gets ready to hit it, and then smacks it on the desk. The last panel shows an ICBM launching. roflmao.

See how idiotic & just funny it can be. Try it.

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